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Bosna i Hercegovina

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   Company TEHNOPROM-BET doo Ljubinje was founded in 2014. It originates from the former company TEHNOPROM Ltd. Ljubinje, which was founded in 1990.
   We are located on the main road Sarajevo-Mostar-Dubrovnik in Ljubinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main activity of the company is metal turning on modern CNC lathes and we are specialized in mass production metal scraped parts. The parts are made according to the requirements of the customer on the basis of the technical documentation or sample.
   Our manufacturing capabilities include automatic machines for producing of various types of springs from wire Ø 0.1 - 2.5mm.
   Also we produce parts using sheet metal forming technology on eccentric presses . We design tools for sheet metal processing, and some we make ourselves.
   We are committed to the customers by being reliable supplier of high quality products.
   Thus far our business activity has been with companies from various industrial fields: automotive, mechanical and electrical industry, production of household appliances, furniture ...
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